Are you reading to your child? Do you need help to read to your child? The people in this workshop have taken their precious time to become knowledgeable to help you read to your child, no matter what your childs age. Remember this, your child is never too young to be read to, or too old for that matter... If you need to contact someone or need help, you can call the Humanities Council on Saipan. Also see the list of trainers below.
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MOTHEREAD/FATHEREAD-CNMI is an innovative literacy program
that helps families discover the power of children's literature.
  • MOTHEREAD/FATHEREAD-CNMI uses outstanding multicultural children's literature to help both parents and children improve reading skills, build critical thinking ability, and talk about challenging family issues.Parents in MOTHEREAD/FATHEREAD-CNMI's adult sessions use literature as a spring-board for discussion of a wide range of serious issues, such as financial and emotional stress, racial prejudice, and choices in disciplining children. Children take part in separate Storysharing sessions in which they learn to approach books as companions and sources of inspiration through creative games,, artwork, and role playing. MOTHEREAD/FATHEREAD-CNMI's curriculum includes longtime children's classics such as Where the Wild Things Are and The Runaway Bunny, Wings, Ferdinand, Mother Tell Me a Story, as well as newer titles that feature African American, Native American and Asian, myths and themes.
  • Together, through the MOTHEREAD/FATHEREAD-CNMI program, adults and children--regardless of formal educational background or economic situation--are making thoughtful discussion about stories a family priority. The program has introduced an enriching humanities-based component to many Saipan organization's existing family education programs.
  • The MOTHEREAD/FATHEREAD approach was first developed in 1987 by North Carolina literacy specialist Nancye Gaj, who continues to operate MOTHEREAD, INC. in Raleigh, NC. MOTHEREAD/FATHEREAD-CNMI was initiated by the Saipan Humanities Council in October 1998.
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  • Local activity
  • Certificate Day! (Sept. 11, 1999)

Workshop held on Saipan - October 28-31, 1998

Instructors: Carol Frisch / Bertha Gorham

18 Participants

 1st Day - October 28th, 1998

 2nd Day - October 29th, 1998

 3rd Day - October 30th, 1998

 4th Day - October 31st, 1998

** Saipan Trainers List **

Angelica C. Atalig
Debbie Coats
Antonio Leon Guerrero
Berth Q. Leon Guerrero
Esco T. Iguel
Anna Larson
Elizabeth Lambert
Maria Lifoifoi
Linsa Lizama
Bill Michling (webmaster)
Mary Miller
Ivan Propst
Juanita Propst
Alexander A. Sablan
Lynn Tenorio
Mary Ann A. Tam
Keiko Aldan Yamagata
Angelina N. Yobech